Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Welcome to the LEGO Theory blog! This is a place for thinking (possibly too hard) about our beloved LEGO.

I like to build with LEGO, and probably you do too. So I'll mainly focus on aspects of LEGO that are relevant to building. We'll discuss LEGO colors, parts, and techniques. But sometimes things will get a little more philosophical -- that's ok too.

I like to look at MOCs, and probably you do too. There are great places to do that online, some of which are listed in the sidebar on the right. I'll be showing some MOCs as examples, but it's not the goal of this blog to update you on the latest great builds.

I'm sure I'll make plenty of mistakes, and I'm glad to hear your corrections or ideas. I've just started building as an AFOL eight months ago, and LEGO is a vast trans clear iceberg, only the tip of it visible above the trans blue waves.

Glad to have you along!

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